So, your cat might be the reason why you have bad PMS

If there’s one thing all women can agree on, it’s that PMS is the bane of our existence once a month — and, for people who experience severe symptoms, the excuse to eat all the chocolate in sight is cold comfort. If your symptoms are debilitating, it turns out your cat might be why you have bad PMS. A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine Research sheds light on why your beloved feline friend may cause or intensify your brutal PMS symptoms.

Cats carry the parasite T. gondii, which can cause symptoms that are similar to PMS.

The study, which tested 151 women who have been diagnosed with premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PDD), found that 7 percent of the participants had been exposed to T. gondii.


Infected women in the study experienced more severe PMS symptoms than those who tested negative for the parasite. They reported feeling out of control and overwhelmed during their periods.

But, don’t worry — there are ways to address the problem that don’t involve bidding a sad farewell to your beloved pet.

Wear gloves when you clean your cat’s litter box, and wash your hands thoroughly before handling food. Researchers also recommend washing fresh produce (it can carry contaminated soil) and avoiding undercooked meats.

But, don’t lay all the blame at your cat’s paws — intense PMS symptoms have a variety of causes, including genetics, hormones, and neurotransmitter issues.

If your period causes intense pain every month, talk to your doctor about treatment options — severe PMS symptoms can affect your ability to function, and that’s no way to live.