So, You Think You Can Dance? Karen Cheng Says “Yes I Can” In 365 Days

“We should consider every day lost in which we don’t dance.” – Nietzsche

Isn’t that a beautiful sentiment? Although, if I had it my way, I think it’d be more like, “in which we don’t guiltlessly eat french fries.” Then again, I’m no philosopher.

Karen Cheng stuck that quote at the bottom of her website, which she created after she taught herself to dance like a pro in 365 days. I once thought I had the potential to dance like a pro, so I took a hip-hop class at my gym and came to the realization that I think I broke my swerve somehow. Karen may have felt the same way at some point, but she kept on keepin’ on. (Whereas I just went back to the treadmill.)

The San Francisco native took classes, watched videos on YouTube, set goals, kept a dance journal and made it her mission to practice every day. And she got good. Really good. But it’s not all about dancing, as Karen says on her site:

Damnit. I was really looking forward to spending the weekend braless, binge-watching Netflix’s new original series and having ALL the snacks. But now I’m inspired. Watch Karen’s transformation in the video below and tell me what you’re doing with YOUR weekend!

Featured image via The Sun