This is apparently why couples often break up around Thanksgiving (aka the “Turkey Drop”)

Seems like every day there’s a new (often ridiculously named) dating trend popping up. From submarining to ghosting, you’ve probably heard or done it all, but we’ve just discovered a new one…and we think you may actually relate. It’s called “Turkey Dropping” and it’s the reason so many couples break up around Thanksgiving. And despite the name, it has nothing to do with a delicious, cooked bird.

According to Urban Dictionary, “This happens when a dating couple tried the long-distance relationship thing when they went off to college in September. Then typically, when Thanksgiving rolls around and everyone goes home for the holiday, someone gets dumped. Hence the turkey drop.

While that may sound terrible, it makes a lot of sense. If the long-distance relationship isn’t working, it’s best to end things sooner rather than later, and in person, right?

And college kids separated by distance aren’t the only ones affected by the turkey drop breakup trend.

While chatting with Bustle, Dr. Michele Kerulis of Northwestern University’s online Masters In Counseling program said holiday stress can actually push many couples to their breaking points, and since the holidays begin in fall — aka Thanksgiving season — there’s a noticeable spike in breakups.

“The holiday season is packed with pressure to attend parties thrown by friends, family, and employers, Dr. Kerulis said. “This, paired with advertisements encouraging couples to purchase extravagant gifts for each other, can be enough for some couples to call it quits. When one person is not as into the relationship as the other, Thanksgiving seems like the ideal time to call it quits.

While we don’t think any time is ever really ideal for a breakup, when you think about it, Dr. Kerulis has a point. After Thanksgiving comes more holidays, then New Year’s, and then it’s Valentine’s Day…none of those times seem great junctures for “The Talk.”

When we take the alternative into consideration, breaking up during Thanksgiving seems pretty reasonable. If you’re getting ready to drop the turkey, or if someone ends up dropping your turkey, we’re sending endless hugs, because breakups suck. But at least you can still enjoy some real turkey (and pie) with your friends and family, right?

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