So this is what Snoop Dog smells like (according to Martha Stewart)

A few months ago, when we learned that Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg were creating a show together, we were a little curious. Now? Now it just make sense. These two are so close that Martha Stewart openly states what Snoop Dogg smells like during interviews — a question she probably gets asked pretty often. (As for Stewart, we just imagine she constantly smells like baked goods and victory.)

Smell is actually pretty important to Stewart. Obviously she’s the queen of proper home maintenance, and what good is entertaining guests when your house doesn’t smell warm and inviting? Off-camera, Stewart is actually launching a scent line for Macy’s that’s based around her home garden. And, well, thanks to her, we definitely know what’s going on our holiday list this year.

So, knowing what we know, we can’t imagine that Stewart will volunteer to do a cooking show with Snoop Dogg if he smelled anything less that rosy, right?

Right. Stewart speaks of her Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party co-host with only kind words.

"He’s like the cleanest human being! she said to PeopleStyle. "He’s impeccably groomed. There’s no scent that I can associate with him other than clean."

All of a sudden, we want to take a nice big whiff of Snoop Dogg.

New episodes of the show air on VH1 on Monday nights, in case you want to see these two whip up some delicious meals together. (Who doesn’t, really?) Watching these two in the kitchen together will definitely inspire you to cook one incredible Thanksgiving meal this year — guaranteed.

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