So, Rowan Blanchard just documented a maybe UFO on Instagram

Girl Meets World star and all-around feminist rockstar Rowan Blanchard spotted a maybe UFO. Is it Halloween yet?

Seeing as Rowan Blanchard has a history of laying down some major truth, we don’t really have any reason to doubt her. We don’t know where the picture was taken, or from where. It could be a reflection through a window. It could be a glare on her camera. She could be in Area 51. (Okay, maybe not…)

But it really, really looks like a UFO, doesn’t it?

Even if we zoom in…


…it still looks like a flippin’ spaceship. Somebody call Scully and Mulder, stat.


Okay, maybe not Mulder. But assemble the Lone Gunmen, call the Doctor, bust Professor River Song out of prison, and get Ellen Ripley on the phone — this looks like the real deal, and #WeWantToBelieve.

Rowan Blanchard, please check in regularly for the next seventy-two hours so we know you haven’t been abducted. Although if the aliens want to be taken to our leader, we think Rowan Blanchard would be a great representative for the human race.

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