The cold hard truth about snuggies

There is some trouble brewing for our beloved Snuggies. Turns out the business side of things for our favorite blanket with arms hasn’t been all that top-notch lately. In fact, the group behind Snuggies, Allstar, is currently in the middle of a not-so-fun legal battle, due to the fact that many customers believe they were deliberately misled and overcharged for products. Yikes.

According to the court filings, customers who bought Allstar products (like Snuggies or the “Perfect Brownie Pan”) were routinely promised an awesome “buy one, get one” deal, and then charged twice for the shipping and handling, along with processing fees. Not only that, but like many ordering processes, it was ridiculously confusing to navigate through and customers would often accidentally either buy multiple products, or be confusingly sold a more expensive product. Due to all of this, many customers ended up paying way more money for stuff they didn’t even realize they were getting. In this case, more Snuggies might NOT be merrier.

Now Allstar is paying out roughly $8 million to disgruntled consumers. Honestly, the whole thing sounds like a complete nightmare.

While this is some next level sneakiness, LBH complaining about Snuggies is a pastime as old as Snuggies themselves. Customers have been airing their grievances about Snuggies on Amazon for years. Just how wronged are these consumers?

From someone who immediately regrets their purchase: “I don’t find the blanket very soft at all and it is thin. Basically it’s a cheap large robe with no tie in the middle that you wear backwards. Now I feel silly buying it.”

From someone who is now scared for life: “The Snuggie caused me to experience what was quite possibly the most traumatic event in my existence. To this day, I can’t see a blanket without bursting into tears and running from the room.”

From someone who just wants to snack comfortably, you know? “The sleeves get in the way when I try to snack on popcorn or something and it is too narrow to fit over both of my shoulders at the same time.”

From someone kinda speaking the truth: “Why would anyone need a Snuggie when you can wear a sweater and pants? And who would wear something like this to a game like the commercial’s say? There is nothing you can do with this that you can’t do with a blanket. Please, don’t buy it.:

From someone who’s not too impressed: “Other than the poor construction, the smurf-like appearance, and the complete cave-in to couch-potato-ism, this is a really so-so product.”

From someone who might be talking about 30 Rock: “It goes on backwards and there is no tie to keep your back warm. I am 5 6 and trip when I walk in it. Even a TV show I watched made fun of falling down with it on. I have a leather couch so its cold in the winter and having my back open is defeating the purpose of this thing.”

From someone dealing with a real channel surfing struggle: “The arms are like bat sleeves so doing some things may be awkward. I had a hard time trying to grab the remote, it was slipping in the sleeves.”

From someone who didn’t get that it’s literally just a blanket: “Thought this would be more than a blanket with sleeves. No hood no zipper, Velcro or buttons.”

From someone else who didn’t get that it’s literally just a blanket: “I thought this would be like a blanket you put over your head, with a hole in it and armholes… something you could walk around in… but no, it’s just an oversized robe that you wear backwards and can’t walk around in because there’s no way to close the back.”

From someone who isn’t going anywhere for a while: The length prevents me from moving to another location, without taking it off. Most inconvenient when going to the bathroom.

From someone who thought a little too much into this: “Previous to owning my Snuggie, I spent most nights watching The Big Bang Theory rather cold, my feet and legs usually being the coldest. I started to grow very fond of my Snuggie. It kept all parts of my body warm, and is easy to bring along with me. However, the more I used it, the more I began to worry. On several occasions, I felt the static electricity and often found myself pondering over how severe I would be shocked, and if it would leave permeant damage. As time grew on, I began to fear for my safety as well. As a rather claustrophobic person, I felt that this may be dangerous for me. In several occasions, I found myself tangled within the Snuggie and left in nothing but a complete panic. Not only was I unable to retrieve myself from said blanket, I called for help and was relieved from the terrors of being caught in a Snuggie. What do I use today? One of those “Forever Lazies”. Ya know? The ones that cover your feet. Less risk of disaster I suppose.”

From a friend in the Shire: “It boasts about being ‘hands free’ and having ‘over sized sleeves’ and most laughably of being ‘super large.’ It is, in reality, something akin to a quirky fleecy hospital gown that will not enclose the area approximately between your shoulder blades unless you are Bilbo Baggins”

From someone who really didn’t get what they ordered: “I ordered this as a gift. When it arrived and I opened it, to my horror it was a box filled with nothing but packets of Equal sweetener. I contacted Amazon and they took care of the situation right away. I still don’t understand the mix up but at least Amazon could fix it.”From someone who lives by YOLO: “With the Snuggie I am a 9th Level Wizard of Coziness and I cast ‘Deal With It’ upon anyone who doesn’t approve.” All reviews courtesy of Amazon Images via here, here, here and here.

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