Here’s everything you need to know about the “snug piercing” that everyone’s getting in 2018

You may have seen minimalist tattoo and manicure ideas all over Instagram and Pinterest, but if you are looking for simple piercing ideas that aren’t over-the-top, then you’ll probably want to hear more about “snug piercing,” which is sure to be a 2018 piercing trend.

The snug piercing is a piercing near the ear’s cartilage. It is pierced through the inner and outer part of the ear; however, the exact placement depends on the person. This style is great for those who want a simple yet noticeable piercing.

We reached out to Charlotte Coffey, a professional body piercer at Lucky 13 Tattoo and Piercing in Richmond, VA to find out everything we need to know about the snug piercing.

1Pain level

First up, you might want to know how bad it can hurt. Coffey says to expect snug piercings to be a bit painful (depending on a person’s pain tolerance levels).

2Healing time

According to Coffey, snug piercings can be difficult to heal, and will require time and patience. “Use a saline spray that is gentle on the piercing and great for sensitive skin,” she advises. “Cleaning should be done two to three times a day, so it is relatively low maintenance in this regard.”

3Changing the jewelry

One of the most fun things about getting pierced is the ability to switch out the jewelry. After all, a piercing is a built-in accessory! Coffey recommends waiting a minimum of six months to change your jewelry in case the piercing still shows signs of healing. This includes redness, swelling, and discharge. You’ll also want to be cautious of how long you leave the piercing out, as it could close if you aren’t careful. “Typically, removing it just to switch to a new piece isn’t problematic,” explains Coffey. “However, leaving it out for extended lengths of time, you run the risk of the piercing shrinking, and the previous jewelry may no longer fit. This could also result in the piercing closing permanently.”


But aside from offering a really cool look, Coffey says one of the additional pros of snug piercings is the minimally visible scar tissue you can’t see unless touching the actual site of the piercing.

No matter where you place them, snug piercings can definitely upgrade your jewelry style.

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