The Jonas Brothers are wishing us all a happy Winter Storm Jonas

Sure, “winter is coming” may sound like a dark and foreboding storm is on the way when said on Game of Thrones, but there’s no reason an actual winter storm needs to be as terrifying in real life. Especially when that storm is named after one of the most beloved family boy band trios of all time.

While winter storm Jonas has been freezing up many parts of the country, the Jonas Brother’s embracing of their storm namesake along with the Internet’s reaction to the name, has been melting our hearts.

First, there’s Kevin Jonas’ tweet, where he transforms himself into the perfect Olaf from Frozen.

Not to be outdone by his older brother, Joe tweeted himself as a beautiful Elsa.

Perhaps jealous of his two brothers being so on their Frozen game, Nick joined in with a simple, but still effective, tweet.

Their playfulness about the storm’s name combined with the free time people stuck at home currently thanks to the impromptu snow day, had led to the Internet going crazy with creative and hilarious tweets about winter storm blizzard.

From “real life” footage of the blizzard…

To Jonas-specific trajectories of how it could transform…

To combining GoT with these adorable three…

The Internet is definitely providing plenty of entertainment to those stuck inside as a result of the storm. While blizzards are certainly no laughing matter and we’re sending good vibes to everyone who’s hunkering in preparation for the storm, at least these tweets, posts, and memes are adding some warmth to an otherwise very cold day.

And it certainly couldn’t hurt to snuggle up with your favorite Jonas brother and listen to your favorite Jonas album while you wait until your least favorite brother, this pesky storm, to finally go away.

(Images via Twitter, megskehan/Instagram)

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