Here’s a breathtaking snowfall time-lapse video that shows winter in all its glory

Regardless of how we’re feeling about wintry weather at the moment, snow is a form of precipitation that never fails to fascinate. If you’re not already mesmerized by those fluffy white flakes, get into this snowfall time-lapse video filmed by photographer Alex Sauerbrunn.

If snow is the last thing you want to see right about now (unless it’s falling in the Sahara Desert), we totally get it, but if you just finished shoveling snow on a hoverboard, you can certainly relate to this clip, which will remind you and your fellow snow-shifters precisely how you wound up on cleaning duty in the first place.

Depending on where you live, it’s the type of snowfall you have to look forward to until spring arrives, which might intensify your cabin fever. But just for now, pretend like you’re a baby rhino experiencing snow for the first time and it’s the most beautifulest thing in the world.

Now that you have the right attitude, you can appreciate this video, which compresses 48 hours’ worth of snowfall that blanketed Sauerbrunn’s Connecticut home into 14 seconds. The brief clip shows you the weight of the wintry precipitation as it piles up on shrubbery and completely engulfs an outdoor table.

So, we know this is probably giving some of you even more anxiety from the mere thought of being trapped in the house or getting stuck in a nightmarish traffic pileup, but hopefully it will also remind of you all those snow days ahead of you, which grant you permission to stay home from work and drink, er, relax your weather-related cares away.