Snowed In Goodies To Get You Through The Rest Of Winter

Living in LA, I sometimes miss the snowy winters that I grew up with in NY. But last week, I was home visiting my family just in time for winter storm, Nemo. It was pretty awesome. And now that Nemo has come and gone, we can all keep counting down the days till spring. Being snowed in or dealing with cold temps doesn’t have to be terrible – especially when they are fun goodies like the ones below to get you through. I mean, who doesn’t love chili and hot chocolate (not necessarily together)… and how great is this wooden sleigh?!

  1. Topshop knit hat $28
  2. JCrew artic parka $675
  3. Aigle snow & rain boots $203
  4. Topshop leather woven gloves $24
  5. “Killer Chili” cookbook $15
  6. Matterhorn sled with backrest $170
  7. Topshop knit sweater $90
  8. Michael Kors knit scarf $80
  9. “Hot Chocolate” cookbook! $11