Just a YouTuber snowboarding through New York City, like you do

When Winter Storm Jonas got into full swing, New York City issued a travel ban for cars on the roads. But nobody said anything about snowboarding. YouTuber Casey Neistat took that as permission to have the best snow day ever by snowboarding through the city streets and celebrating winter in a mind-blowing way.

Set to Frank Sinatra’s iconic “New York, New York,” the video posted by Casey captures his snowboarding adventures on GoPros and selfie sticks, documenting every iconic slip and slide through Times Square and other NYC landmarks.

Perhaps the best parts, however, are all the times the video documents the sense of community that arises during these kinds of events. Casey high-fives pedestrians, gives snowboarding lessons to eager New Yorkers, and even has a hilarious moment with the NYPD. Nobody can deny that this is awesome, and his playful ingenuity summarizes everything that snow days are all about. Watch below!

(Image via YouTube)

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