Snowboard baby has been alive for 14 months, is more athletic than you

If you’re anything like me, you often find it hard to keep your balance standing on two feet in perfect weather conditions. Needless to say, this snowboarding toddler, Sloan, is extra impressive to those of us who, as adults, lack basic coordination.

Sloan is a 14-month-old from Utah who just recently mastered the art of walking, so figured he might as well learn how to snowboard next. So that’s just what he did. Because, you know, why not?


The story, which was originally reported by Channel 10 News in Utah, makes sure to let people know the baby is safe, his parents practiced this before hitting the slopes, and they take all necessary precautions to make sure their “Extreme Baby” won’t wipe out.

They also point out, and it’s obvious in the video, the adorable little Sloan is already clearly a big fan of the activity. From the looks of it, his first sentence will likely be “Yo, pops, can we go shreddin’ the gnar, today?”


Watch the video for yourself here. You’ll be both impressed and inspired to get out there and test your own athleticism. Or at least, if you’re like me, recommit to learning how to walk without tripping.

(Images via Utah News 10)