This Snow White collection is the perfect way to show your love for the fairest one of all

Disney’s first full-length animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is about to hit a huge milestone, and we’re getting ready to celebrate in a major way.

In December, the iconic film — whose success is practically responsible for Walt Disney Animation Studios becoming a cultural staple in American society — will officially turn 80 years old. To celebrate Snow White, Disney and Belgian fashion company Kipling have teamed up for an accessories collection that will having you reaching for your wallets and feeling like the fairest of them all. But maybe don’t bring these products around any Magic Mirrors or vengeful Evil Queens.

Here are a few of our favorite pieces from the collection:

Paola Velvet Small Backpack, $149.00


Buy here.

Sweetie Large Wristlet Pouch – Candied Red, $49.00


Buy here.

Art M Printed Tote Bag – Hypnotic Apples, $129.00


Buy here.

Sweetie Small Metallic Wristlet Pouch – Platinum Metallic, $29.00


Buy here.

Paola Small Satin Backpack, $149.00


Buy here.

Creativity XL Wristlet Pouch – Candied Red, $44.00


Buy here.

Mirror Keychain – Red, $16.00


Buy here.

Seoul Large Printed Laptop Backpack – Hypnotic Apples, $134.00


Buy here.

Sure, a few of the items are a *bit* pricey, but the collection is so gorgeous and functional you’ll still want to have them all.

Check out the full collection online here. Happy shopping!

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