This sled canoe lost control and hit someone, and the footage is seriously frightening

Imagine standing at the foot of a hill, when someone using a canoe as a sled loses control and comes careening toward you. Oof, our heads ache just thinking about it. That nightmarish scenario became a reality for the a girl who was in the path of the out-of-control vehicle, and there’s frightening footage of the incident that is making us reconsider how we choose to spend our next snow day.

From what we know, it takes considerable effort to steer and paddle a canoe, but once it gets going, it can travel quite fast in the water. But based on what we saw in this video, the boats move like greased lightning on snow.

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In the clip, a few people pile into a canoe. They appear to be pretty pumped about the adventure that awaits them, but who are we to judge these grown ass individuals for being all giddy? Gliding down a snowy hill has been the highlight of many countless days in our lives, so we totally get it.

But, er, what happens next will get your blood majorly pumping, and not in a good way, as all the screaming and censored cursing suggests. Clearly, these canoe sledders lost control of their vessel and freaked TF out because holy crap, they’re heading towards a human, and there’s no way to avoid the disastrous outcome that awaits them and their unsuspecting crash victim.


So, if anyone else out there is considering ways to make your own snow sled, maybe don’t use a canoe, mkay?