Snoop Instagrams Pics of His French Manicure, Just Like Us!

Raise your perfectly manicured hand if you love nail art! Somewhere in southern California, Snoop Dogg is raising his hand high (no pun intended). Last week, Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion, is it? I’m keeping it old school and going with the D-O-double G for this one, so just go with it) Instagrammed a pic of himself smoking on something, and holding that something with french tipped fingernails. Underneath the caption read (and I quote): “French tip for the French inhale.”

Judging by the posted comments, most of Snoop’s fans are not supporting this decision. Apparently this is not how a “true playa pimp” is supposed to act.

I, on the other hand (no pun intended AGAIN), am into it. I really don’t see what the problem is. Sure, maybe it’s viewed as feminine now, but if this catches on, rappers all around the world will be painting their nails. I can only imagine how much criticism the first rapper who wore a big shiny necklace received. But look at them now, out-blinging each other left and right. I refuse to believe a well-manicured hand is somehow more girly than diamonds in your sunglasses.

And there is no denying Snoop is not someone I would mess with, but were we really considering him the most masculine guy out there before this whole manicure thing? His pigtails rival Pippi Longstocking’s. He does what he wants. That’s why he’s Snoop.

The only thing I am afraid of, is once this catches on, us ladies are going to have to go to extreme lengths (is that ANOTHER pun??) to keep up. Snoop started with a simple French, but once this trend gets going in the rap community, I foresee gems of all shapes and sizes adorning those hands. Chinchilla lining, anyone? Perhaps a little leather embellishment to go with Kanye’s leather skirt? Those sequins we’ve all been using are going to make us seem so lame. Instead of our readers, Drake and Lil’ Wayne will be featured as the HelloGiggles’ Nails of the Day!

I know plenty of men that are cool with getting a mani/pedi here and there. Whether or not they like to admit it, they feel good. I do not know many men who go for the polish, although I do have one guy friend who almost always has his toe nails painted. But we live in a society where our fashions are greatly influenced by celebs, and every trend has to start somewhere.

Just take caution Mr. Double G – Nail polish is highly flammable.

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