LOL! Snooki’s kids took a picture with Santa and it is totally out of control

After dividing the number of kids who have meltdowns while sitting on Santa’s lap by the total number of tots he greets annually, we’re shocked that children everywhere haven’t collectively agreed to cancel the jolly bearded guy altogether.

Case in point: Snooki’s kids took a picture with Santa and at least one of her children came completely unglued in the process. As MTV reports, the 28-year-old reality star shared a photo of her kids Lorenzo and Giovanna hanging with Santa Claus, and clearly her daughter’s daily chill supply was on E.

If Chrissy Teigen’s baby Luna crying on Santa’s lap was a two on a scale of one to “OH HELL NO, get me TF outta here,” this hilariously out of control photo tells you precisely where little Giovanna falls on that spectrum.

“Sissy stop embarrassing me in front of the big man,” the Snooki & JWOWW star captioned the pic.

OK, so we have questions for Snooki and these kids about this insanely funny family photo. First off, where are their shoes? On second thought, we probably don’t wanna know the answer to that. So, is Lorenzo’s expression because Santa Claus agreed to make sure he’s the star of Snooki’s next music video or is he secretly getting a kick out of being a big boy who is no longer terrified by the thought of posing with St. Nick?

Just asking because, um, this was Lorenzo last year.

LOL. We totally feel Lorenzo, but it’s really admirable how he’s stepped up and showed Giovanna how a big bro is supposed to handle himself in these situations. Meltdown or not, Snooki obviously has a gorgeous family and we hope they have a joyous, tear-free holiday!