SNL’s 40th anniversary app is here, and it’s everything we wanted

Have you ever wanted/needed easy access to 5,500 clips of Saturday Night Live? The obvious answer is “yes”, because let’s be real — if you’re a serious SNL fan, a day doesn’t go by without needing to reference an episode. Even if you’re not a serious fan, it probably still happens.

Well here’s some good news for SNL fans and admirers everywhere — the SNL40 app launched on Thursday for iOS and Android, and it includes over 5,500 clips and original content from 800 episodes. More clips will be added every week after each new episode airs.

The launch of the app comes perfectly timed with show’s star-studded 40th season 3 1/2 hour premiere on NBC, which airs this Sunday.

The app is super user-friendly, asking you right off the bat which era of SNL you’re interested in, and if you’re searching for music videos or commercial parodies. The clips the app delivers to you are based on your interests, but also includes popular clips selected by NBC. The personalization will probably make all of us feel like SNL just gets us — because SNL really does just get us.

As time goes on, the clips will change — which is good, considering most of us could binge-watch all 5,500 clips in a day or two. If you’re looking for full episodes though, you’ll need to head over to NBC. SNL40 is more or less a constant revolving library of basically every clip we could ever want to see. PLUS here’s one more tidbit of good news. . .

With the app comes SNL-themedemojis! Uh, please sign us up immediately. SNL, we love you. Thank you for this treasure.

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