“SNL” just promoted its third female Head Writer in 41 years and we are *so* excited

If SNL were Westeros, in 1999 Tina Fey ascended to the Iron Throne. It was that year that she was named Head Writer of the long-running late night sketch program, and though you might have been barely a youngin’ way back then, and might not have even been old enough to stay up till 11:30 p.m. to watch SNL, now you know that this achievement is a BIG DEAL.

SNL has long been run by men, but just before the new decade, Fey became the first ever female Head Writer, and cemented herself as one of the Funniest People on the Planet. Fey then left the show at the end of the 2006 season, to go on to do a little thing called 30 Rock. Not even a year later, another very funny lady, Paula Pell, was named as one of SNL’s Head Writers, serving from 2006-2008.

Obviously, Fey and Pell are awesome. But, in SNL’s 41 years, there have only been two female Head Writers.

WELL NOW, THERE’S A THIRD. The very funny Sara Schneider was just named as one of the co-Head Writers for Season 42 (along with Chris Kelly), and we’re laughing already — in a good way! Laughing in a good way, because Schneider has already proven herself to be hilarious!


Schneider joined the show back in 2011, and last season served as the writing supervisor for the show. She’s also got SIX Emmy nominations under her belt, all for SNL, and that’s pretty damn impressive. But then when you realize what sketches Schneider’s had a hand in, you’re like, “Oh, that makes sense.

She helped bring “The Beygency” to life


Along with the super-catchy “Back Home Ballers.”


Oh, and a little sketch with Democratic Presidential Nominee, Hillary Clinton, too.


SNL Season 42 kicks off later this fall, and we’re so excited to see how Sarah’s going to make us laugh this year.

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