“SNL” just solved one of “Stranger Things” biggest mysteries (plus Kate McKinnon as Eleven!)

In last night’s omigodsogood episode of SNL, we finally got the Stranger Things parody to end all Stranger Things parodies.

Presented as a sneak peek of the second season of Netflix’s big summer hit, the “Duffer Brothers” (in floppy wigs/fake full facial hair for the win), explain that in their sophomore season they will be solving some of the first season’s biggest mysteries. Like, where is the Upside Down? Is Barb coming back? And, oh yeah, where were Lucas’ parents the entire time?

To answer that last question, the parody offers a clip in which Lucas (played by Sasheer Zamata), is off to go fight the Demogorgon and find missing Will with friends in tow (Lin-Manuel Miranda plays Dustin and Kyle Mooney plays Mike). They’re on their bikes, there’s creepy mist everywhere, everything’s totally going according to plan. 

That is, until Lucas’ parents (played by Leslie Jones and Kenan Thompson) crash the party and totally chew him out.


There are some amazing one-liners here that make it delightful to watch. Jones has the bulk of them, informing Lucas “I will beat your Upside Down” and, upon seeing Eleven for the first time, exclaims “Who is this creepy little woods dude?

But there’s also some important social commentary happening. When Lucas describes the Upside Down to his parents as “like the normal world, but scarier, and there’s danger at every turn,” Jones, as Lucas’ mom, patiently explains to her son “Baby, people who look like us already live in the Upside Down.

Let me put it to you this way Lucas,” Kenan, as the Dad, adds, “you don’t have to go looking for scary stuff. It’s going to find you.

And then when police chief Jim Hawkins arrives on the scene, Luke’s mom and dad assume HE is the monster the kids have been talking about, revealing a dark comedic take on recent current events.

Check out the sketch in full below!


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