This SNL sketch finally confirmed all of our worst fears about the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Ah, Thanksgiving. Time for turkey,whipped-cream covered pumpkin pie, uncomfortable discussions with your crazy uncle… and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade balloons coming to life?

Yup that’s right. At least on last night’s episode of Saturday Night Life, where Kristen Wiig took to the stage for her second hosting stint, terrifying us all as a Madeline balloon gone rogue. Let’s be real: as much as we love the Thanksgiving day parade, those giant balloons can be a little freaky. Just take one look at the giant Pikachu. Definitely wouldn’t want to mess with him.

In the sketch, Vanessa Bayer and Kyle Mooney play an out-of-town couple from Pennsylvania visiting family in New York City. Beck Bennet plays Mooney’s pompous older brother, Nate, who likes to brag about his $28,500 monthly rent and ostentatious steam shower.

The parade starts innocuous enough, with Mikey Day sailing by as a balloon Woody from Toy Story, albeit just a tad too close to the window, where Bayer and Mooney’s two children are watching with anticipation.

Then things quickly devolve when the Wiig Madeline balloon appears. “Is she getting closer?” Bayer’s character asks. “It’s probably just the wind,” Bennet responds. The adults grow increasingly uneasy as they reassure the kids watching at the window when suddenly a terrifying clown balloon, played by Bobby Moynihan, appears.

“It’s, uh, just one of those vintage balloons they’re bringing back this year, guys,” Bennet reassures them, before things continue to spiral for the worst.

Watch the whole thing here, because we haven’t even gotten into Kristen Chenowith.

You know, we’re pretty glad to be watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade from home this year.