‘SNL’ Gave Us a Glimpse of Post-COVID Dating, and We’ll Just Stay Home Forever, Thanks

Yikes, yikes, and more yikes.

We’ve all made the joke that if and when lockdown/quarantine/social distancing is no longer at the front of our brains in a post-COVID world, we honestly won’t know how to interact with others. Is it even a joke at this point, or is it just a very real fear that we have to laugh at to keep from crying? During this past weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live, which aired February 27th, the show personified the trepidation of dating after COVID, and well, we fear the skit is actually just a hard look into a crystal ball.

SNL star Kate McKinnon and guest host Nick Jonas play two strangers who meet at a bar and try their hand at flirting, dancing, and simply talking to another human. It doesn’t go particularly well based on pre-COVID norms—in fact, if we watched this in 2019, we would have guessed McKinnon and Jonas were playing two aliens in human skin suits. But now that we’re a year in to abnormal interactions, we’re honestly having a hard time seeing fault with their meet-cute.

And, um, that’s bad.

Will we be using the pickup line “you have beautiful eyes, but they’d look better on my floor?” when we’re out on the town in the year 20-whenever? We won’t mean to. But yeah, probably. And will our dancing look more like the mating ritual of an undiscovered underwater species? Yes, absolutely.

And yes, we will order milk and drink it out of a saucer at the bar because we cannot, for the life of us, remember what our favorite alcoholic beverages were pre-plague times.

We’re not looking forward to learning how to communicate with others once the world has gone back to the way it was. But hey, at least we’re all in this together, right? Right…?

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