ICYMI: This SNL parody of MIA’s ‘Bad Girls’ is for all the everyday badasses out there

When the video for MIA’s “Bad Girls” came out in 2012, the Internet was quick to freak out. From the start, it was obvious that “Bad Girls” was the lady power anthem the world needed — and the video only added to the hype. It’s easily one of the most epic music videos from the past decade, and has the VMAs for Best Direction and Best Cinematography to prove it.

The song remains one of our favorites when we want to get pumped up about life; even if we can’t really relate to 100% of its lyrics. Lucky for us, however, our favorite SNL ladies are here to make the song a whole lot more relatable.

Last Saturday, Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Leslie Jones, and Vanessa Bayer came together for a spot-on parody of  “Bad Girls,” with the incredible visuals to match. The video turns MIA’s iconic tune into an anthem for women who find moments of badassery in the everyday — and it’s just as amazing as you’d expect. From filling a free water cup with lemonade to taking the elevator to the 2nd floor to pushing the trash down so you don’t have to take it out, the song is a hilarious reminder of the rush of joy you feel when you’ve been “bad.”

We can’t all race cars in the desert like MIA — but that doesn’t mean we can’t be badasses in our own way. Check it out for yourself below!


(Image via video.)

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