“SNL” made an Olive Garden commercial that got, way, way too enthusiastic

Saturday’s late-night television did not disappoint. For one, Scarlett Johansson kissed Leslie Jones on SNL in an Olive Garden skit. And, it was absolutely hilarious. The two were joined by comedians Kenan Thompson and Mikey Day, and together the gang poked fun at the Italian restaurant’s overly-enthusiastic commercial style.

We’ve all seen Olive Garden’s commercials on television. So, it’s no secret that the restaurant takes the “I’m having the best time of my life” thing a little too far. SNL turned all of our thoughts into one crazy good sketch that all of us can relate to, and we’re forever indebted.

Take a look at what happens when the folks of SNL do their own version of an Olive Garden commercial below!

We dare you not to laugh.


The SNL cast totally nailed it! We can’t imagine that the actors in Olive Garden commercials are that enthusiastic in real life, either.

Don’t get us wrong, the unlimited bread and salad is amazing, and the pasta is yummy, too.

But, it’s not nearly enough to make anyone do a backflip, or anything.

The Italian-esque franchise isn’t the only business guilty of overdoing its television and print ads, however. Trust us. There are a slew of culprits out there. We guess now there’s nothing left to do but wait for SNL to call them out, too.

There’s only a matter of time.