SNL just completely lost their marbles over “La La Land” and Beck Bennett could barely get through it

It’s awards season in Hollywood, which means everyone has an opinion on the latest film offerings. And if you don’t agree with the mass consensus, heaven help you. Last night on SNL, Aziz Ansari played a man who disliked La La Land. Considering the massive hype the movie has garnered — not to mention all the awards — the police (Beck Bennett and Cecily Strong) who interrogate Ansari for this terrible offense are confused. How could he not like it?

Below, watch Aziz Ansari defend his thoughts on La La Land in this hilarious SNL sketch

Ansari has good reasons for not loving La La Land. Amongst his reasons are the amount of montages used, boring repetition, and the fact that a movie all about jazz only features one prominent black person, who, if you remember, was seen as an example of someone who sells out for fame and money. Yikes. These are some solid points.

But Bennett and Strong aren’t having it. They mock Ansari’s opinions, pointing out “the black couple on the bridge,” and claim that montages are a great way to show the passage of time.

Also, Bennett clearly needing to pull himself together right before pretending to slam Ansari’s head on the table is a whole sketch in itself. Is there anything funnier than watching Saturday Night Live performers crack up at themselves?

Anyone who has ever not loved a popular film has been in Ansari’s shoes before. (Those of us who did not love Gravity still feel the sting of our friends’ condemnation.) And kudos to whoever thought of the Westworld joke at the end of the sketch!

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