SNL just said what everyone is thinking about Kanye West — by parodying A Quiet Place

There is nothing in the world that Donald Glover cannot do. And that includes making a statement about Kanye West’s recent actions while parodying A Quiet Place at the same time.

Glover is a writer, actor, director, producer, rapper/musician, DJ, and comedian. His name has been just about everywhere in the past couple of years. After his groundbreaking turn in Community, Glover has skyrocketed to fame with his music, film, and television career. Creating and starring in the critically acclaimed FX show Atlanta wasn’t enough. Glover is also known as Childish Gambino, a popular hip-hop/funk/rap artist. Oh, and he’s going to star in Solo: A Star Wars Story, which comes out on May 25th.

To add to his list of accomplishments, Glover hosted the May 5th episode of Saturday Night Live. Actually, he did more than host. He was also the musical guest as Childish Gambino. It was easily one of the best episodes of the season, with tons of memorable sketches, jokes, and bits. But we especially loved the digital short about Kanye West.

West has created quite the conversation lately with his disappointing turn as an apparent Trump supporter and dismisser of people of color and the real problems we face in our country today. In the SNL digital short, aptly titled A Kanye Place, Glover spoofed Kanye West’s recent incessant tweets set in the world of A Quiet Place.

A Kanye Place helped put into words what a lot of people are thinking about Kanye West.

The movie A Quiet Place is about a family who must keep entirely silent. If they make a sound, a predator will immediately snatch them away. So putting a group of friends reading Kanye’s tweets under the same circumstances — who must not react loudly no matter what — is hilarious.

A Kanye Place takes everyone through the process of reading West’s tweets, not unlike how we have all felt these past few weeks. After Glover’s character exclaims, “Kanye just tweeted,” the domino effect is real. The group of friends continue to whisper to one another about West, his tweets, and even who was invited to Chrissy Teigen’s baby shower.

Naturally, Chrissy Teigen even commented on Twitter.

Hey, you can’t help who your husband is friends with.

Kanye West shared his thoughts on A Kanye Place with a series of emojis.

And John Krasinski, the writer, director, and star of A Quiet Place, weighed in too.

Is it too soon to get Donald Glover back as host one more time before Season 43 ends?

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