Can you spot the former ‘SNL’ cast member in ‘Jingle All the Way?’

When you sit down to watch the holiday classic Jingle All the Way, there’s a wonderful joy in being transported back to 1996, an era when people wore chunky Christmas sweaters un-ironically and parents would get into full-on fistfights over Tickle-Me-Elmo, I mean, Turbo Man.

You’re always happy to see Arnold Schwarzenegger playing the most dedicated German dad ever – it doesn’t feel like Christmas until you’ve seen the former Mr. Universe beat up a gang of Santas.

And watching a young Sinbad acting as a crazed mailman is more comforting than chestnuts roasting on an open fire. (Open fire? Wait, that seems dangerous. But you know what I mean.)

You may have noticed that Jake Lloyd, who plays Arnold’s son Jamie, is the same kid who played Anakin Skywalker, aka Baby Darth, in Star Wars, Episode I

And that Principal Willard Kraft from Sabrina the Teenage Witch makes a ponytailed cameo.

But did you ever notice that one of the toy store clerks is played by an SNL alum?

Your eyes do not deceive you! That is indeed the hilarious Chris Parnell. In 1996, he was being bullied by Ah-nold, but in just two years, he would go on to be hired at Saturday Night Live, eventually playing characters like Dr. Spaceman on 30 Rock, Cyril on Archer, and Jerry Smith on Rick and Morty.

It’s pretty obvious that baby Chris already had the comedy chops to steal a scene:

Jingle All the Way was Chris’s big screen debut, and he even made it into the film’s trailer!

Destined for greatness.

(Images via Twentieth Century Fox and Tumblr)

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