‘SNL’ imagines what a Black Widow rom-com would look like and it’s the realest

When Scarlett Johansson took the stage to host SNL on Saturday, we were hoping to see some Black Widow action. And the show did not disappoint when they gave us this hilarious and on-point look at a faux-Black Widow centered film Black Widow: Age of Me. With lots of fans wondering when Black Widow will get her own turn in the spotlight, SNL‘s Avengers rom-com was one of the best skits of the night.

In the send-up, Black Widow is a single woman in New York with everything, “a huge apartment, great friends, and an internship at Fashion Weekly.” But when it comes to love, Black Widow is struggling, at least until she meets Ultron, a robot who steals her heart. Can Black Widow have it all, or does she have to go to Paris to truly find herself? These, of course, are exactly the kinds of dilemmas any true superhero fan wants to see asked in a Black Widow movie.

The rom-com tropes come fast and furious in the 3 and a half-minute skit, including a broken heel, concerned friends, and the inevitable “You ruined my career” drama. See guys? Marvel totally knows what you want to see in a female superhero movie! Check out the whole trailer below!

(Image via Youtube)

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