“SNL” just brought Hillary Clinton back to the White House in the most perfect way

We can always count on SNL to tug on our heartstrings, even when they are simply being hilarious. On Saturday night’s show, Hillary Clinton showed up on Saturday Night Live in a Christmas-themed cold open. And boy, have we missed her. Both the real deal and the comedy show’s version. Kate McKinnon loved impersonating Clinton during 2016’s election and we are so happy she still gets the chance from time to time.

This weekend’s cold open played on the classic Christmas tale, A Christmas Carol. In the skit, Donald Trump (played by Alec Baldwin, natch) is visited by three people from his past. Billy Bush shows up first, reminding Trump about that infamous Access Hollywood tape. You know, the pussy-grabbing one? The tape was many of our hope that Trump would not make it to the White House, but alas, here we are. But at least things aren’t looking totally rosy for the White House — especially with these haunting SNL visits. The second ghost to drop by the Oval Office is Vladmir Putin, who represents Trump’s present. This is SNL after all, so of course Putin is perpetually shirtless. The two discuss Trump’s insecurities and, briefly, his future.

And then we got to the good stuff.

Hillary Clinton was in the house! And not just any house, but the White House!

Just where she always belonged!


Naturally, Clinton is played by McKinnon and announces herself boldly and assuredly. Speaking in a ghost-like voice, Clinton celebrates Trump’s “slow demise.” She ends her brief appearance with one powerful chant.

"Lock him up!"

The skit was pretty well-received on Twitter. The McKinnon love is real.


We could watch that all day long.

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