“SNL’s” hilarious take on “The Bachelor” gets our rose this week

Our love for The Bachelor is strong, but we are well aware that the reality show isn’t perfect. After all, there are so. Many. Cringeworthy. Moments. Perhaps that’s what makes it so popular?

Regardless of your thoughts, our heroes over at SNL just spoofed The Bachelor in the best way possible: with a parody reality show called Beard Hunk. And it is one of the best things ever. And also incredibly believable, because Beck Bennett plays the hunk in question and he gives us major #relationshipgoals. We no longer need The Roots to reenact The Bachelor, we have SNL to watch!

Here’s the amazing SNL spoof of “The Bachelor”

Get ready to laugh:


We love how horrible and hilarious the four contestants for Beard Hunk’s heart are. Cecily Strong’s Raquel introduces herself as “the worst girl in any room I’m in.” Vanessa Bayer plays Whatever, a clueless 26-year-old who’s “looking for a husband even though I’m not old enough to vote.”

Aidy Bryant's annoying nitwit admits that she has a daughter, saying "She’s three and she’s my best friend in the whole world...I think she’s at, like, a neighbor’s or something."

Meanwhile, guest star Felicity Jones’ Ashley spent five years of her life in an incubator and now promotes iced tea on Instagram. She also has five STDS. But none of that scares Beard Hunk away — until she admits that she only brought a one-piece swimsuit to the show. Beard Hunk promptly shows her the door. We all have dealbreakers.

*Sigh* It’s funny because it’s true.

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