“SNL” got an unprecedented number of Emmy noms this year, and it’s probably because of Trump

If you haven’t noticed that Saturday Night Live has been killing it lately, where have you been? Because seriously, they’ve been the fire emoji of comedy that we need in our lives right now. In fact, Saturday Night Live got tons of Emmy nominations this year, and we’re pretty sure the current political climate was an influence.

Big election years are always great fodder for comedy. But this year, SNL took its satire to a whole new level in the face of President Trump. To be fair, SNL is a fantastic show full of talented people who are funny regardless of the President. We’re just suggesting the current administration provided excellent inspiration for much-needed comedy. Alec Baldwin made us LOL at his portrayal of The Donald, but some of the other people close to Trump have been turned in some stunningly hilarious performances as well. Melissa McCarthy rocked our world as press secretary Sean Spicer, and Kate McKinnon played an eerily accurate Kellyanne Conway AND Hillary Clinton.

SNL tied Westworld for the most Emmy nominations ever with twenty-two total nominations.


Here’s a list of ~some~ of the Emmy nods that SNL just earned:

Outstanding Variety Sketch Series

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series
Alec Baldwin

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series
Leslie Jones
Vanessa Bayer
Kate McKinnon

Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series
Dave Chappelle
Lin-Manuel Miranda
Tom Hanks

Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series
Melissa McCarthy
Kristen Wiig

Honestly, in this tough political climate we needed something to laugh at.


Regardless of your politics, it’s easy to see that we’re living in pretty divisive times. The stress of constant news alerts, contradicting stories, and a feeling of uncertainty can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve needed the comedy of SNL to help us detox a little.


Plus, the larger-than-life political characters we’re living with lend themselves to great parody. Donald Trump has always been a big, bold personality. That’s why Alec Baldwin’s spot-on impression of him has earned the actor a Supporting Actor nomination, even though he’s not officially a member of the cast.


Weirdly, SNL and the president are a match made in comedy heaven. And while we’d like to see our country make it through this rocky time, at least we can laugh along on Saturday night until then.

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