The “SNL” guys wrote a sketch about feminism for “A Day Without A Woman,” and it went about as well as you’d imagine

What would a day be like without women at SNL? Scarlett Johansson and Aidy Bryant found out the hard way in this sketch with Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney. In the sketch, written by the men of SNL during A Day Without A Woman, Beck and Kyle talk about feminism and all of the issues that women are facing, but don’t actually let either of them speak. The guys have a whole lot to say about things like the wage gap and sexual harassment. They even mentioned microaggressions.

“The problem is how women are portrayed in the media, Bennett said as he and Mooney discussed sexism at a restaurant with each other as Bryant and Johansson looked on. “From a young age, women are taught that their value is how they look.

The only lines spoken by a woman were “Thank you for saying that” and “Is that true?”

The most telling and hilarious part was when Beck asked what the ladies thought, but didn’t even let them speak! Even Lorde couldn’t sing her song without Beck and Kyle taking over her as the ladies walked off the set.

They wrote a sketch about women, but didn’t let women present their point of view.

This sketch highlights how “nice” guys often silence women. Instead of letting women speak for themselves, they continue to silence women. Many times men miss the point about talking about gender inequality. Instead of listening while women take the lead, they speak over them to talk about how unfair it is. Without listening to women’s stories of microaggressions and sexual harassment, they write stories that don’t reflect the female experience.

Sometimes this can be a difficult topic for women to explain to men. Kudos to SNL for highlighting such a complex and important topic in a hilarious and discernible way!

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