SNL shows us how awkward/hilarious it would be if our fave celebrities auditioned for Star Wars

Um, let’s be clear here. None of us at HelloGiggles have ever practiced our Star Wars auditions in the shower, or passionately kissed our mirror pretending it was Han Solo. At least there is no video evidence, so you can’t prove anything! But if we did, we’d hopefully do a little better than these celebrities, both real and fake, on SNL last night.

An intro from Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J Abrams introduces the hilarious clip of “audition tapes” from his casting process. The parade of hysteria begins with (fake) Sophia Vergara testing with (real) Star Wars heroine, Daisy Ridley, screaming about wanting to see the Minions.

It’s hard to pick favorite moments from this fiesta of nerd flavor, but we will! First, (fake) Danny Devito as adorable droid BB-8 is the cutest thing ever; it looks like what would happen if you asked a toddler to do a robot impression.

Second, we adore the call-outs to other franchises, including Star Trek, of course, but even better, Chris Tucker’s Ruby Rod from The Fifth Element. There is nothing and no film that character and his spectacular leopard-print jumpsuit could not improve, in our opinion.

It’s the real celebrities that steal the show in this super-secret audition tape. Our perpetual crush Emma Stone gets the ball rolling by referencing her controversial film Aloha and lets filmmakers know she can play “a very convincing part-Asian woman.” Mistakes were OBVIOUSLY made in this situation, but at least she can laugh at herself for that extremely unfortunate moment in Hollywood history. Meanwhile, Michael Buble somehow remains irresistable while singing “another season, another reason, for making Wookie” which makes us uncomfortably certain there’s about to be an erotic fanfic with that title.

Oh, and check out “Hamm Solo:”

The hands-down winner of the sketch, however, is John Boyega, the star of the upcoming film. When handed script pages, the British actor bursts into laughter. “A black stormtrooper?” He giggles. Points to you, Mr. Boyega. Points to you.

So who is getting ready to visit a galaxy far, far away? From the looks of things, they’re basically holding an open call. Check out the video below to get a load of the competition.

(Image via NBC)

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