“SNL” bid a hilarious farewell to Sean Spicer, and we’ll kind of miss you, Spicey

Friday was a pretty sad day for anyone who adored watching the White House press briefings with Sean Spicer, mainly because it means that the Saturday Night Live spoofs of them, featuring Melissa McCarthy as Spicey, were also gone. Eh, it was bound to happen some time. To honor Spicer’s reign, and McCarthy’s perfect impersonation of the man, SNL bid a hilarious farewell to Sean Spicer by compiling some of the best moments from McCarthy’s fake press conferences. Like when McCarthy’s Spicey used a leaf blower to shut up a reporter, or the time (s)he took to the streets of New York City with the podium in search of Trump — or at least some direction.

Times were tough for Spicey.

To be honest, most of the reactions to Spicer’s resignation on Friday were lamentations that there would be no more SNL sketches. Which is pretty sad, because they were sort of the only upside to what can only be described as a crazy, uncertain time in American politics.

Yes, it was hard to watch Spicer defend the administration and stand by some of Trump’s more confusing and controversial tweets, but at least McCarthy’s impersonation of him made it seem less frightening. A little bit, at least.

Watch SNL’s tribute to McCarthy’s Spicey character, and remember the good times.

*Spicey out.*

Although Melissa McCarthy’s impression of Spicer is legendary, Aidy Bryant’s Sarah Huckabee Sanders isn’t half bad. And it will likely only get better as Sanders officially takes over Spicer’s position later this summer, and SNL returns from its summer hiatus in the fall. (Sanders has been subbing in for Spicer the past few weeks and will take over full-time in August as press secretary.)

Bryant played Sanders earlier this year, when the show was spoofing the rumor that Spicer had allegedly once ducked into a bush to hide from reporters. The sketch began with Bryant saying at the podium, “My father is Mike Huckabee. My mother is a big Southern hamburger.” Bryant reentered the sketch eating an apple when someone asked her if she was going to replace Spicer as press secretary.

So yeah. She’s a good replacement for McCarthy.


Hopefully, Sanders doesn’t take too much offense at a comedy sketch show, because being made fun of on SNL comes with the gig.