Shop these dope sneakers in honor of Nike Air Max Day

Today isn’t your regular Sunday: it’s Nike Air Max Day! What does that mean, exactly? Well for starters, it’s a celebration of one of Nike’s most iconic and unforgettable sneakers. It’s also a great excuse to drop some cash on a fresh new pair of shoes.

Since 2014, Nike has used this day to promote and sell a whole host of amazing new sneakers — and this year may have the best assortment yet, since 2017 marks the 30th anniversary of the first Air Max sneaker. Nike is dropping a bunch of new twists on the traditional Air Max, and we’re having a hard time deciding which one we like best.

So check out the variety and celebrate Nike Air Max Day in serious style.

Nike Air Max 2017

You can grab the new 2017 Nike Air Max model here for $190. Besides looking sharp, these sneakers are lightweight and perfect for your workout routine.

Nike Air Max VaporMax Flyknit


If you’re a sneaker fan, this was the pair to get pumped about: the VaporMax Flyknit is one of the most hyped shoes of the season. Sadly, they’ve already sold out. But you can bet they’ll be available on re-sale sites in no time.

Nike Air Max LD-Zero H

Incredibly sleek, these sneakers are more than just good looking. Inspired by the minimalist aesthetic, these unisex shoes are made from suede-over-nylon materials for a classic yet contemporary look. As if that’s not drool-worthy enough on its own, the sneakers feature maximum cushioning so your feet will always be relaxing in luxury.

You can get a pair here for $180.

Nike Air Max Jewell


If you’re looking for a slightly less pricey sneaker option on Nike Air Max Day, have you considered these fun and streamlined shoes? Memory foam provides your feet with pure comfort, and the cutting-edge style means that they’re perfect for any gym activity you can think up. You can get them here for $100.

Styles are selling out fast — so get shopping!

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