This sneak peek scene from “Snatched” about moms on Facebook is painfully relatable

We can’t wait for the new Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer movie Snatched. In fact, we’ve been anticipating it since before it even had a working title. While we have to wait just a few more weeks, we’re lucky that Entertainment Tonight provided a clip ahead of time. And, uh — fair warning. When you watch this clip, you might just be reminded to change your privacy settings on Facebook.

The movie revolves around the relationship between Hawn and Schumer, who play mother and daughter. In the film, Schumer’s character, Emily Middleton, gets dumped before a vacation and decides to take her mother, Linda, on the trip with her instead.

In the clip, Linda finds out about Emily’s status through Facebook. And, well, we can relate.

The clip just gets funnier and funnier — and is pretty much the reason why we still cringe over our parents having Facebook accounts. Sure, they’re getting better and learning how to navigate the site…but they also still confuse walls with personal messages on occasion.

Thankfully, the big LOL moment at the end reminded us that having our parents on Facebook can also be hilarious at times.


The movie, which will also be starring Christopher Meloni and Ike Barinholtz, is set to hit theaters on May 12th. Since we loved Schumer in Trainwreck, we have a feeling that Snatched is going to be another instant classic.

Plus, let’s get real here — with Goldie Hawn, you just can’t lose.

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