Here are Professor Snape’s best moments in chronological order —prepare to sob

The passing of Alan Rickman has left us with a big Slytherin-sized hole in our hearts. 24 hours later, we’re still holding back tears after the news of his death, and brace yourselves to start crying again shortly. Someone edited Snape’s best moments from the Harry Potter movies together in chronological order, from beginning to always.

Though Rickman had a wonderful, long career spanning film, stage, and TV, many of us will remember him most as Snape, the sour Potions master. We feared him for most of the Harry Potter series, and then found ourselves bawling uncontrollably when we learned the reason behind his treatment of Harry. His character continues to be hotly debated (and HP scribe J.K. Rowling is always ready to step up to the plate for him), and many will always (always) see him as a true hero. He spent the better part of his adult life watching over the son of the woman he loved, you know.

Sorry if you’re already crying. Again.

Now grab another tissue box, because this super-cut of Snape moments is gonna pull on every heartstring in your body. These are the best Snape moments, even though it can be argued that every moment is a best Snape moment.

(Image via Warner Bros.)

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