Snapchat’s new features will make you even more addicted to the app than you already are

You’re about to love your phone even more than you already do: Snapchat just added two new features to make the app both more fun and user-friendly. And we predict both changes will be a massive hit.

What are these shiny new features, you ask? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered (forever and always).

The first new development involves Snapchat’s video function, and will now allow you to take six, ten-second videos in succession. This means you can, for example, record a full 60 seconds of a concert without having to post each 10-second clip before recording more. Those six videos would then seamlessly flow into one another without any pesky interruptions (you do this by simply keeping your finger on the record button).

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The next cool new thing involves a “tint brush,” which allows you to play with the colors of your photos. You’ll be able to change the color of your shirt, your hair, the grass — anything. So get ready to let your creative Snapchat juices flow.

NOTE: The new video function (called “multi-snap recording”) is currently only available for iOS users, whereas the tint brush is available on both iOS and Android. So while you Droid users can definitely spend tons of time going crazy with color, you won’t be able to take those epic concert vids just yet (but it will be coming soon).

We’re beyond psyched to play around with Snap’s latest features, and are super excited to see what they bring us next. Even the most social media-adverse among us have to admit that Snapchat consistently brings fun and creative innovations to the table (deer noses, anyone?).

Now go forth and Snap!

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