Snapchat is updating yet again — here’s what to expect

You can never have too many Snapchat updates, which is good, because the picture-sending app rolled out yet another. In fact, it looks so cool that I stopped to download it before writing this.

Remember when we told you that your apps might be secretly eating up your data? Snapchat heard us, and created a little something called Travel Mode. If you go to “manage,” you can turn this settting on and stop all your incoming snaps from automatically downloading onto your phone when you’re using mobile data. Instead, you can manually tap the snaps to give the app permission to use your data. That extra step may seem tedious, but it will save you a lotta data-heartache later on.

Then, there’s my favorite update, called Sticker Picker, which lets you go emoji-CRAZY on your snaps, using them as stickers rather than a part of your text. This is revolutionary, just look:

Some other updates: You can now export your Snapcodes, or BooR codes, as video, meaning snaps aren’t just for Snapchat anymore. You can also get a faster look at who is viewing your snaps simply by tapping the little eye icon (or eye-con *ba-dum-tss*) next to your story, rather than going in manually.

It’s the combination of all these little things that makes Snapchat so awesome, and with every update, I’m getting more and more convinced that it’s gonna take over the world. I’d be okay with that, as long as they can invent a way to Snapchat pizza. That’s probably in the next update, right?

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