Snapchat released its first ever TV ad, and it’s basically just targeting your parents

Facebook is where most of us are on our “best” — our parents and family members see everything we post, right? — while Snapchat is where we can let loose. Everything you post disappears eventually, and your parents probably have no idea how the app even works. But now, that might all be changing. Snapchat’s first ever TV ad is targeting an older audience…and there’s a good chance that now, parents could hop on board, too.

The commercial, which aired during the NCAA Final Four this weekend, emphasizes the fact that Snapchat is a camera app, without going too much into the social media aspect of it all. At first, you see an older family posing in front of a digital camera, but then, Snapchat swaps in a phone, giving Grandma and Grandpa dog ears and putting a flower crown on dad as he brushes his teeth.

The Snapchat TV ad seems to be showing off the more fun, “magical” features of Snap, rather than its #1 selling point — the ability to take photos that are only available for a limited time.

“So yeah, Snapchat is a camera,” the voiceover says at the end of the 60-second TV spot, “where how you feel matters more than how you look.”

We’ve gotta hand it to them — the Snapchat TV ad is kind of making us fall in love with Snap all over again. And it might be just what the brand needs right now, after months of turmoil.

We never really thought of Snapchat as a way to share memories with a bunch of fun additions, but that’s totally what it is. Besides, a lot of the features the commercial points out are actually things that our parents would love, so maybe it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if they started joining the app, too.

Just get ready to field calls from your grandma after she sees this commercial. There’s no way she’s not going to want you to explain how to turn herself into a dog.

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