Put your eyes on these impressive (and kind of terrifying) Snapchat makeup tutorials

It’s not always easy to achieve that perfect “look.” Luckily, with the help of DIY makeup tutorials all over the Internet, you can find helpful tips to help you look like anything you want. And we mean anything.


That’s right. That’s the squished-face-gigantic-eye filter from Snapchat. And the makeup artist Alexys (Lex) Fleming can help you easily and quickly achieve that look (and so many more) in real life.

Lex’s most recent video on her YouTube channel Madeyewlook is filled with a ton of step-by-step instructions to bring your favorite Snapchat filter looks to life. Because you never know when you might need to look like an adorable bunny.


And if you’ve ever wondered how to quickly and easily transition from an adorable bunny to an evil one with just a few brush strokes, she’s got you covered.


By bringing these Snapchat filters to life with just a few simple steps, Lex is clearly both really creative and really funny. She morphs from look to look seamlessly, making each brushstroke look easy and effortless before totally embodying the personality of whatever filter she was going for.


And we have to admit, the whole thing is totally on fleek.


With her wide range of filter options to choose from, she has something for everybody in this tutorial. So don’t worry if you’re not steady enough with a brush to achieve some of the more complicated looks. There are super simple ones like “Psycho Girlfriend” which only involve a little makeup, a little water, and some easy dabbing.


And, despite its simplicity, still creates a dramatic (and somewhat terrifying) result.


You’ve got to see this video yourself to see how Lex can help you to smoothly bring these delightful filters to life.

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