This woman magically transformed into a Snapchat lens just using makeup and a glue stick

There’s a new Snapchat lens that covers your face in heavy makeup, the kind typically worn by, say, Divine. It’s pretty fun, especially since it starts off with a shower of glitter. You’ve definitely seen it by now and sent your friends all kinds of Snap selfies featuring the lens.

Mayra Isabel, a YouTube creator and makeup artist, decided to try this look the old-fashioned way, with actual makeup. She posted an awesome tutorial proving you can totally get the look without a Snapchat lens.

It does involve a few more steps than your typical makeup routine. In order to correctly emulate the brows, Mayra practiced a decades-old drag queen makeup trick: using a glue stick to help conceal your natural brows. Once the glue dried down, she used color-correcting concealer in a red shade to hide the color of her naturally light brown brows. Then she layered her regular concealer on top of that.

After that, she had the perfect canvas to apply eye makeup. Coating her brows allows her to take her eye shadow as high as she wants and to apply drawn-on brows. Watch how she does it below:

If you want to try this trick, you must use a glue stick, not the liquid version of glue. We also highly recommend using one of those purple- or blue-tinted glue sticks instead of a clear one. The formula will still dry clear, but the tint allows you to better see where you’ve applied it and when exactly it dries. Believe us, there’s nothing less fun than applying your concealer on wet brows then trying to remove that mixture of wet concealer and wet glue from your natural brows.