The future is now: Snapchat is your resume for this pizza place

Resumes and cover letters and thank-you notes are SO 2014. At least, this Austin-based pizza joint seems to think so. Pizzabelli, a pizza place that calls itself a “concept” restaurant is asking prospective hosts and baristas to send in a Snapchat in lieu of a formal resume. The reason? According to The Daily Dot, Pizzabelli is using Snapchat because “it wants every customer who walks in for a slice of ‘upscale pizza’ to be met with a ‘great first impression.’” And since Snaps can only live on the app for 24 hours, a first (and brief) impression is exactly what Pizzabelli is getting (and judging).

Here’s the Craigslist ad:

While the idea can come across as problematic (i.e. will the company put too much weight on looks?), the philosophy behind it kinda makes sense. By sending Pizzabelli your 10-30 second clip, you’re announcing your personality, and what you can communicate in under a minute. That takes creativity and people-person skills, and that’s what Pizzabelli is seemingly looking for — at least, in the early stages of hiring.

Using Snapchat to get a real life job might seem a little flippant, but more and more companies are using social media to recruit employees. Zappos made headlines last May, when it decided to forgo the standard resume process and start engaging with applicants through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They felt that they were able to “build relationships,” and create “two-way conversations.”

Other companies, like an Irish bar called Sober Lane and an advertising agency, also utilized Snapchat in their application process.

While we probably shouldn’t expect every single business to adopt the Snaplife, it’s totally possible that more and more will be taking advantage of what social media has to offer.

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