Snapchat is now letting you rewind stories, because it’s about time

Snapchat and Instagram do this thing where they constantly copy each other, and that’s okay because the more social media platforms the more fun! A few months ago, Instagram copied Snapchat’s Stories by adding its own Stories to the top of feeds. We definitely aren’t mad about any of the copying, because it only makes each app better.

Well, Snapchat just copied a feature from Instagram Stories, and it happens to be the feature that lets you stalk people a little harder. In a non creepy way, of course.

Instagram Stories has always allowed users to rewind by tapping on the left side of the story, and as of today, Snapchat Stories allow you to do the same. You can now rewind stories on Snapchat in case you need to re-watch something super important like your friend’s impersonation of a cartoon deer.

Here’s how it works: Tap the left side of the Snapchat Story and you’ll see a split screen that reads “Go Back” or “Next Snap.” You can save them and even send them to another contact.

The new rewind feature is part of an update to Snapchat that also includes “World Lenses.” Lenses, of course, are Snapchat’s fancy way of referring to filters. There are seven new lens options that allow you to augment your surroundings. One of them involves rainbow vomiting clouds.

World Lenses also allows you to throw a filter on anything, not just a selfie. FINALLY.

You’ll need to do the update on your phone before either changes take effect. But once you do it, your life will never be the same (or at least Snapchat will never be the same).

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