This one Halloween costume is taking over the internet, and we’re obsessed

We’re sure this year won’t be the first time you’ve seen Halloween costumes based on Snapchat filters but this might be the year you see the largest volume of them. These pop culture-referencing looks are make for fun, easy, and timely costumes – and they’ll be a nice change of pace from the multitude of clowns we’re probably going to see.

According to ABC News, Pinterest searches for Snapchat-filter costumes are up nearly 1,500 percent from last year. That might be because the two biggest costume trends this year are “pop culture” and “glam makeup.”

In other years, retro vibes might be the rage but this year is all about timely looks – which is probably why there’s a Ken Bone costume, tbh – so Snapchat fits right in. The app is also a great way to showcase gorgeous makeup looks, especially with costumes like the Flower Crown or Butterfly filters.

Said Larkin Brown, a researcher for Pinterest, “Snapchat costumes fit into both of these trend categories, as they're a fun way for people to try something new in terms of glammed-up makeup but also feel very relevant and of-the-moment with their costume.

Even better, there are YouTube and Pinterest tutorials aplenty for just about every filter (even that demon bunny one), so you won’t even have to figure out how to create the look yourself!

Also, because these costumes are all about the face/hair, they’re also great options for people who aren’t into wearing anything elaborate or potentially uncomfortable. In fact, you could probably get away with wearing your normal wardrobe for most of them, meaning you can have the most comfy Halloween, ever.

Just remember: whether you choose the flower crown, dog, or the scary bunny, based on those Pinterest searches there’s a good chance you won’t be the only one you see. If being the only person with your costume is important to you, you may want to steer clear of the Snapchat filters, and go for something a little more unique.

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