Snapchat is getting way stricter about this one thing — for a really good reason

Perhaps the whole “fake news” controversy from Trump’s recent press conference hit some media platforms a little harder than expected. One such media platform, Snapchat, is making some strict changes in it’s “Discover” section. According to The New York Times, Snapchat released a new set of guidelines pertaining to “risqué and misleading images” within Discover content.

Publishers must now refrain from posting “questionable pictures” on their Discover stories that “do not have news or editorial value,” the New York Times reports. Snapchat will now also take fact-checking seriously and will not tolerate publishers linking their content to websites that could be considered “fake news” sources.

The New York Times writes that this decision comes after MTV published an article on Monday via Discover titled, “Is this the thirstiest person on earth?” The article featured a risqué image of a bikini-clad woman even though the article was about a man. Snapchat says that the updated guidelines will now prohibit sexualized, profane, and violent content.

BuzzFeed News writes that Snapchat might have trouble editing what certain publishers release. The same day the new guidelines were released, Daily Mail published a story about Big Foot and another about an alien conspiracy theory.

Daily Mail also released a Discover story about Madonna that linked to The Gateway Pundit, a questionable pro-Trump site. Snapchat looks like it has some serious work to do.

Rachel Racusen, a spokeswoman for Snapchat, told the New York Times, that the new rules are aimed to, “empower our editorial partners to do their part to keep Snapchat an informative, factual and safe environment for everyone.”

Snapchat is striving to become a more reliable news source and trying to set themselves apart from Facebook and Twitter. The two rival social media companies have been accused of spreading fake news and harassment, so Snapchat is doing all it can to avoid the same controversy. They aim to become a more traditional media news source that only shares reliable, factual content.

So, if you see some change in the content you consume via Discover, now you know why. It’s all for the greater good and will help to keep you accurately informed on what’s happening in the world today.

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