Here’s how to use Snapchat’s new “Do Not Disturb” feature

Whenever an app rolls out a new feature, it’s extremely hit or miss. The new Instagram Superzoom tools? Hit. The new Instagram DM feature? Serious miss. But we think that Snapchat’s latest feature is a big win. The app recently introduced a Do Not Disturb feature, and we’re all for it. Now, you can mute individual people without actually blocking them. Because let’s be real. We all have those friends who are always on Snapchat. Thanks to the new Do Not Disturb feature, you can silence their notifications until you’re ready to catch up.

Here’s how Do Not Disturb works: If you tap and hold on a person or a group, up pops the option to mute their notifications. This way, you won’t be bombarded with ping after ping from your extra chatty friends. And most importantly, if you mute someone, they won’t know about it. (But your delayed response miiiight tip them off.)

Though this is the first we’re hearing of the feature, it isn’t exactly a brand new feature. Snapchat apparently introduced it a few weeks ago. Yep, it appears that they didn’t want to disturb us by making a big deal of the news. (Sorry, had to.)

TBH, it’s about time that Snapchat introduced Do Not Disturb.

iMessage and Facebook Messenger have had the options for years. Given that so many people communicate via Snapchat daily, it only makes sense.

Snapchat users are pretty stoked about Do Not Disturb.


Thanks for the new feature, Snapchat. But the next time you introduce something this life-changing, tell us!

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