New Snapchat DIY filters are making our Snap-dreams come true

Snapchat filters are super fun to play around with (and they can do some seriously amazing things), but sometimes we’re just not feeling the options available.

Not everyone wants to be a puppy or a bee or Sia — at least not all the time. Luckily, Snapchat, despite refreshing available filters on the daily, gave us a brand new, totally customizable option.

You’ve always been able to doodle on your pictures and videos, but this new DIY filter let’s the doodle follow you, meaning that as long as you have the art skills, you can make whatever you want. false

Demi Lovato put it to the test with some simple devil horns, looking fabulous and fierce. Other users got a little more creative with their doodles.

The best part? The filter remembers your last sketch — so that masterpiece you spent twenty minutes working on isn’t going away until you’re ready to move on!

Snapchat, will you ever stop innovating??? (Please say no!)

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