There’s a giant snake hidden in this photo, and we’re never gardening again

How many of us have looked longingly at well-manicured gardens and gone, “If only I had a green thumb?” Well, thanks to the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, we’re never gardening again. Recently, a six-foot python was found hiding in a garden pot.

Yeah, no. Nope. We know gardening is good for you, but we highly doubt a snakebite is! We are terrified.

It all started with a Facebook post from the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers of Queensland, Australia.

(Though, really, how innocuous is a post from a Facebook group of snake catchers?!)

Where? Where is the snake? This is terrifying!

The Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers provided the answer not long afterward.

According to IFLScience, that snake is 5 FEET 10 INCHES LONG.

Now, before we all break down in panic attacks, take comfort: Carpet pythons are not poisonous. However, they still bite, which hurts. Furthermore, they’re known to snatch small pets. But luckily, they’re not found in the United States. (Though if you live in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Yule Island, or Indonesia — watch out.)

Luckily, the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers are always prepared.

They’re like the Ghostbusters, but for snakes. We’ll admit it, we can’t stop thinking of Kaa from The Jungle Book. Poor Mowgli barely escaped with his life! Stay safe out there, gardeners. Especially those of you in Australia!