This snake tried to bite a motorcyclist in Thailand, and the footage is terrifying

We have no idea what’s up with the world’s reptiles lately, but yet another slithering, scaled creature has made unwanted contact with a human in the most random of ways, and we honestly don’t know what to make of it. As Mashable reports, a snake tried to bite a motorcyclist who was minding his own beeswax while riding down on a back road. This unusual episode of Animals Being Huge Jerks happened in Thailand, the home of snakes that enter internet cafés and attempt to sink their fangs into unsuspecting customers.

Generally, we don’t partake in shaming animals for their behavior (however bloodthirsty) because they’re simply following the instincts given to them by Mother Nature. Sounds totally logical, right?

Sure, except we’re having a hard time classifying this unbelievable lunge as sensible.

Seriously, what the eff is going on here?! That leap was about as natural as a king cobra drinking from a water bottle. According to the Viral Hog video description, the snake’s biting attempt wasn’t actually successful, and for that, we are grateful yet still horrified.

Sheesh, y’all. Whatever happened to the days when a person could walk into a café or go for a relaxing ride on a back road to contemplate the meaning of life without a wild snake interrupting their groove?

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Nowadays, it seems snakes are insisting on being all up in the human mix, randomly slithering out of toilets, boarding planes in Mexico or showing up in the background of strangers’ photos.

On behalf of all humans, we’d like to tell snakes that we have no interest in being reptile food: We simply want to ride our motorcycles in peace.