S’mores Oreos arrive in stores this week. Yay, summer!

Remember the rumor that was circulating a while back about the possibility of a new Oreo flavor coming to town? Well, we certainly remember and it looks like the rumors were true.

Remember the red velvet Oreos craze? I myself stalked several grocery stores in anticipation of snagging my own package. Well now it appears it’s time to do some Oreo stalking yet again because S’mores Oreos are officially more than just a whisper of hope. In fact, they’re going to be our reality starting May 22. Thank you, Oreo gods.

The new Oreo — which uses graham cracker-flavored cookies to sandwich some delicious marshmallow and chocolate filling — is a tribute to all our favorite s’more-making memories from summers past (and future!).

While most of us still have to wait a few days left to try these delights ourselves, some lucky folks have already had the opportunity to taste them and have dubbed the cookies fairly delicious. Staffers at TIME were quoted as saying they were “pleasantly surprised” and one person said it tasted even better than a s’mores Pop Tart!) Glory be.

Look at these beautiful bad boys in action, and just imagine a tall glass of milk for dunking.

We’re officially hunting down our very own box, but quickly. These Oreos will only be a summer delicacy so start s’more hunting.

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